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Over One Hundred Pesticides Found On Non-Organic School Fruit

By choosing to buy organic food you are buying it exactly as nature intended it to be, natural and delicious! You can’t be sure, when buying non organic fruit and vegetables, that they have not been treated by pesticides.


The Government’s School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme  means that children between the ages of four to six receive a piece of fruit or vegetables each day, which is a great idea but the latest report from the Pesticides Association Network UK  reveals the amount of Pesticides found on the non-organic produce provided by the scheme is one hundred and three in total and “some of which are linked to serious health problems such as cancer and disruption of the the hormone system.”


This seems very counter-productive providing fruit and vegetables to promote good health, which have over a hundred residual pesticides on that are linked to serious health problems such a cancer. It is evident this needs to be changed.


So how much would it cost the School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme to change to organic fruit and vegetables? In fact, according to Pesticides Association Network UK’s analysis, it would only cost 1p extra per child per day to switch to delicious and nutritious organic fruit and vegetables!


Hopefully with the rising awareness of the health impacts of the chemicals used on non-organic food, more and more people will choose organic. At Mourne Manor Organics we are passionate about providing premium organic fruit and vegetable boxes direct to your door.

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